Wednesday, March 16

Handmade Standing Puppets

Standing puppets are another type of puppet that can be used for storytelling and play. I've wanted to have standing puppets for my daughters since first learning about them and how they are used in the Waldorf classrooms. I find the puppets to be a wonderful way to invite a child to create stories, encourage imaginative play and creativity, and a great way for an adult to do storytelling. Standing puppets come in all different sizes, and can be made of different natural materials like wood or wool. When I made a recent order from A Child's Dream Come True, I purchased the materials necessary to make my own standing puppets.

It wasn't until I watched a You Tube tutorial on making the puppets that I felt it was actually something I could do (the tutorial I used was: Waldorf Inspired Table Puppet Tutorial). These puppets are made with felt, wool roving, cotton and thread. I love the natural materials they are created with and the appealing softness to the eyes and hand.

The babies were created at the request of my daughters and they make a nice addition to the puppet family. The puppets have been used daily since I introduced them. I made a few changes from the tutorial: Because of the amount of use they get the heads needed to be sewn on not just attached by tying. I used colored pencil to lightly draw on a few facial features and I attached arms to the mother but have since found it unnecessary to create the limbs.

At the end of the day the puppets sit in a vintage sewing basket next to the puppet/playstand.


Nicole said...

I LOVE these! I just attended a Waldorf workshop tonight on storytelling and was admiring similar ones there. I might have to create some for my sons now. Great job!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love them too!

Great job!!


aliah said...
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aliah said...

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