Wednesday, March 23

Craft Links

Thought I would share two craft links (one we've done and one we're planning to do) just incase you're looking for some crafting projects to do with your little ones.

These rainbow bottles were made from colored chalk and salt. I never knew colored chalk could color salt but was impressed by the tutorial I saw over at Flax and Twine for these rainbow bottles. Following the tutorial, we made our own colored salt bottles using some spice bottles I found at a yard sale last summer.

We included a baking sheet and the funnel in our process, to help control the salt a little more. My daughters enjoyed the activity so much that we made four of the bottles.

And the other craft we will be doing next week is a children's wet felting in sandwich bags. I love the tutorial found at Kleas

Have you found or done any natural crafts lately? Please share!


anne said...

great idea to add the cookie sheet and funnel - hope it helped with the mess! Glad you enjoyed the project. Thanks so much for the link!

MommyLabs said...

What a coincidence! I have some empty glass bottles/jars that I have been thinking of putting to creative use. I was going to use colured sand to fill these bottles with layers. But, the idea of colouring salt with coloured chalk powder is so unique. Have to try!