Tuesday, February 8

Valentine Mailboxes

We made our Valentine mailboxes in preparation for Valentine's day. Each member of the family decorated their box and from now to Valentine's day we can secretly make Valentines and put them into the boxes. We will open the boxes after dinner on Valentine's evening and read each one while enjoying a little Valentine's cake.

Our boxes are made from empty food boxes and one side is covered with some previously made watercolor paintings.

We cut out and tore tissue paper to decorate the boxes.

The boxes have each person's name on the top which also helps those learning to write names.

I also placed some blank index cards near the boxes to be used to make the Valentines.

This is the second year we've done family Valentine boxes and my daughters love it. It creates a wonderful anticipation and excitement. They also love being able to create and participate in such a caring way. I think some family members have a few Valentines already, and I'm sure the boxes will be filled by next Monday.


Anonymous said...

Very neat idea. Thanks for sharing.

Elle Belles Bows said...

I love that you re-used the food boxes!! Wonderful!! Kerri

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