Wednesday, February 9

A Sewing Basket

In our art cupboard we have an area for sewing supplies. Recently I put them together in this vintage sewing basket. Having a special basket for sewing supplies not only helps prevent any frustration in having to gather supplies when one wants to sew, but also creates an added interest in using the materials inside. (Especially when it's pink.)

Inside the basket they each have an embroidery hoop which holds the current project they are working on as well as the needed supplies.

My oldest daughter (almost 5 1/2) likes to sew images especially if I draw it in pencil first. My youngest daughter (3.4 yrs) is successful with the movements needed and loves adding different colors to her work.

Scissors, embroidery thread and a pincushion are also found in the sewing basket. I would like to also find some beautiful buttons to put in a small container.

The sewing basket sits on the art cupboard, which recently got reorganized.

All of the necklace making materials are now in the crayon caddy. It holds a spool of yarn, children's needles, some buttons, beads and jingle bells.

The crayons, pencils and markers are easy to find and put away. From left to right, we have thin triangular stick crayons, block crayons, thick triangular stick crayons, crayon rocks, crayola pipsqueak markers, scissors, small pieces of chalk and an eraser, glue, pencil sharpener and triangular colored pencils. The contents inside the art cupboard are playdough materials, and watercolor painting supplies, modeling beeswax, rubbing plates, clay for making beads, and sandpaper letters.


My Child's Diary said...

I love the new set up. Everything looks so inviting..!

I was wondering what you have there in the basket near the necklace making materials?

Would you mind describing your youngest's embroidery process?

Also, I was hesitating the set up for pasting with the liquid glue. i can't figure out what to do with the brush. Do you have any advise for me?

Sorry for the many questions I have...:)

SPKarenO said...

My 6yo has recently said she'd like to learn to sew. I like the idea of the hoops to start with. What material is in the hoop? And where can I get kid friendly needles?

Phyllis said...

I have a blog award for you over at my blog-

Amber @HomeschoolingVoyage said...

What a fantastic art cabinet, everything is so accessible and beautiful.

Amy said...

Thanks for your comments!
-Next to the sewing basket is the weaving loom as shown in a previous post
- The process for my youngest is she picks out some material to put in the hoop, and what color thread. I knot the end of the thread and tie the thread onto the needle after threading. Now that she has the process down, she really only needs help when she runs out of thread. She also cuts the thread when needed. I try to stay close and available while she works.
- We use both glues. The glue stick works well, except when they turn it up so high it comes off! We also use liquid glue (I don't have to worry about them eating it) by squeezing a very small amount into the small bowl. They use the thin paint brush (which is always the glue brush not used for painting) to apply the glue to the paper or whatever they are glueing. I also provide a small sponge that they dampen to help if things get sticky (fingers or mat). After the glue work is done they wash the brush and bowl with soap and water, and its ready for next time.
-The hoop has felt right now, which requires a semi-sharp needle. (Right now they use needles that I have filed down a bit so they aren't too sharp) Starting with burlap is good because you can use a children's needle easily, which comes as plastic or metal but are not sharp. Any sewing or craft store would carry them. They are also called Darning Needles. Another reader recommended another type fabric, maybe muslin? I can't remember, but I know the burlap works well to start.
-And thank you Phyllis! I'll check it out.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

What a beautiful area! I love the simplicity.

SPKarenO said...

Cool! Thanks for answering the questions!!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

I need to get an embroidery hoop and start letting my
4 1/2 year old sew. I know she would love it. She loves sewing yarn through paper that has paper punched holes in it! Thanks for the inspiration to see the possibilities!