Monday, December 13


I brought home a book from the library titled I Can Make That. In the book there was an activity for creating animals using the shapes shown above. I traced and cut out the shapes and then we experimented with arranging them different ways to create an image.

This is my oldest daughter's completed picture. She said she made a bird and a butterfly.

And my youngest daughter enjoyed the process of arranging and gluing the shapes as well.

After we finished the pictures I brought out our Montessori constructive blue triangles to use. I really like the triangles (although they haven't been used that much by my daughters for lack of interest). I like the use of creativity and spacial awareness they encourage. They also serve as an introduction to angels and symmetry.

This time they both enjoyed experimenting with the triangles.

They came up with some interesting creations.

We have also been using our tangrams- a set of just 7 pieces which allows for many different images to be created. I had hand sewn some of the images onto a canvas fabric and my daughters have enjoyed creating them.