Wednesday, December 15

Organizing Our Days

I don't have an elaborate system for organizing and planning activities. In general, I try to keep things simple and routine but also fun and stimulating for my daughters. Our days and weeks follow a rhythm (posted on the side of the blog) which helps prevent me from wondering what to do each week and allows my daughters the predictability and routine they need. With certain days already dedicated to certain activities, half of the organizing seems like it is already done.

The organizing details of what songs to sing, finger plays to use, crafts to make and more are planned out each month in this planning binder. The binder is divided into months. Each month holds a paper (like the one below) which will be used to plan that month. At the end of every month I sit down for a few minutes and plan for the upcoming month (I have learned to use pencil when writing plans out). At the start of the week I check to see what is planned.

This is my second year doing this, so I have last year's to use as a guide which is helpful in knowing what crafts they loved and would like to do again, what finger plays and songs we sang and can use again and what didn't work so well. Of course, there are areas like our cleaning days which I sometimes leave blank because often my daughters' are drawn to different tasks or whatever I am cleaning at the time. The planning paper is also helpful for those times when I am on the internet or looking at other blogs and come across a great craft or finger play. I can flip to the month it would work best in and pencil it in. Sometimes the month is half planned just by doing this! Under each month I also store recipes needed, instructions for crafts and any other resources that will be needed.

Behind each monthly planning paper I keep printouts of our finger plays for the month as well as songs or poems we will use. When we have circle time I open up the binder in case I need the words for songs or finger plays. In the back of the binder there are also labeled sections for bean bag games, parachute games, and other circle time activities we may use at any given time.

I have added the planning printout to the list of downloads on the side of the blog for anyone wanting to see it or use it. And, please let me know of any planning tips you may have!


The girl who painted trees said...

Thank you. I always like to see how others plan and keep things organized. I am still searching for what works best for me.

The girl who painted trees said...

Just tried the download. It asks to sign in to get access. You may have the wrong link there. I'll come back later to try again.

Amy said...

I think it is fixed, thanks for letting me know I must have linked to the wrong page.

Ange said...

I love this Amy. Thank you so much. I taught at the MTC for years and then hired and trained teachers. PMG stresses having a study journal and so we really focused on that with missionaries and the teachers. I loved the principle and continue to have a small binder with many tabs, including one for my personal scripture study. But a lot of my sections include weekly plans for my kids and then idea lists to draw from. But I like your monthly approach way better that breaks down into weeks. I'm going to switch things up a bit. Thanks so much (as always) for sharing

Mel said...

Thank you so much for this post. With a few tweaks to fit it to our family's schedule, I think this will work perfectly for us!! Thank you!