Wednesday, October 13

Watercolor Painting Wood Cutouts

I recently came across these wood cut outs in my materials closet. Since I have been interested in watercoloring wood and had no plans for these wood pieces, we gave it a try.

We put them on the painting board, got out a jar of water, paints and a cloth to wipe off the brush after rinsing. Both of my daughters enjoyed painting each shape.

After they were painted we let them dry.

I thought about adding a magnet to the back to put on the fridge or creating a mobile, but then I found that they fit in our postcard holder.

I love the shades of watercolor paints on the wood. Cheerful, warm, soft and inviting.

They now sit on top of my daughters' bookcase and the colors are lovely to look at.


Kat said...

really beautiful! where did you find the postcard holder?

Amy said...

Kat, I got the postcard holder online at Montessori Services.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I happened upon your blog via The Crafty Crow at some point. Just wondering where you got the wooden paint jar holder? I love it!

Amy said...

The paint jar holder comes from Palumba, a great toy shop online.

jo said...

wow, these a beautiful! She did a great job.