Tuesday, October 12

Embroidery Hoop Fall Sewing

Embroidery hoop sewing is an enjoyable activity for both my daughters. We use the hoops for sewing buttons onto fabric, free hand stitching and with my oldest daughter, stitching an image. I create the image so that it is simple and usually reflects the season.

This was the image of an acorn I drew with pencil onto a piece of felt. We use embroidery thread and either a children's needle (found at craft stores) or a large sewing needle (if I think it is too sharp I just file it down a little).

After it is finished it is left out as a fall decoration for everyone to enjoy.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I have been thinking of doing this exact thing, only with muslin, which I think will be easier to use the needle with on for my little one. I love the idea of making an image related to the season - thanks for the great inspiration!

Amy said...

Thanks! We have also used burlap which is easier too

The Turner's said...

Great little idea!