Tuesday, October 26

Little Ghosts: Finger Puppets

We made these little ghost finger puppets for some Halloween play. All that was needed was fabric, string, a colored pencil or crayon and stuffing.

We started by cutting a piece of cloth and my oldest daughter then drew a ghost face with a colored pencil.

For my youngest daughter, I drew the face and she cut around the edges to make it "spooky" looking.

We put a piece of stuffing in the middle and then cut a piece of string. I tied the string around the fabric and then my daughter put the ghost on her finger while I tightened it to make sure there was enough room for her finger to fit in.

Then we had a puppet show!


Queen of the Nook said...

These are adorable. I plan to try them out for my son's first birthday party as preschool craft.

Ange said...

As always I love your posts and do many of them with my 2 little girls. I saw this post today, and since it's all from natural materials I had to send it to you.


Amy said...

Thanks for the comments, and thanks Ange for that link and thinking of me. It is a great idea!