Tuesday, March 23

What we've been up to

Monday painting was using a white crayon and then watercoloring over it. Like magic! My oldest daughter loved it.

A recent craft day was paper mache eggs.

I have found games to be a big hit with my oldest (4 1/2 year old) daughter. Since turning 4 she has a shown a lack of interest in Montessori activities, but she is always up for games. Popsicles sticks with dots and numerals (1-5). Players take turns drawing a popsicle stick and that number of rocks is removed. When all the rocks and sticks have been taken, players count their rocks, the player with the most wins.

Even though my two year old can't count to five yet, she can still play by placing a rock on each dot.

Another version, drawing a stick and filling the corresponding amount of suction cups with the dropper. The first player to fill all the cups wins.


Joyful Learner said...

Love this! It's a nice twist to the old counting game and I like the natural materials! Please link this to our math links. Thank you.


Raising a Happy Child said...

Visiting from Math Links - I like the idea of using sticks instead of ever present dice. Thanks for sharing your activities.