Friday, March 5

Rainbows on a Sunny Day

Sunny days get even better when we can catch rainbows in our dining room.

One of my daughters favorite things to do is to play rainbow hide and seek with a prism. On a sunny day after we have had snack the sun shines directly into the room where the prism sits on the windowsill or sometimes nature table. Usually as we are finishing snack someone spies a rainbow. After snack my oldest daughter moves and adjusts the prism so that the rainbow appears on different walls, the floor, into the next room, or even on us. My youngest daughter tries to catch it, both of them laughing the whole time.

I had picked up this little prism at a hobby store as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. It makes such a vibrant and clear image and we love to find all the colors in its light.

This hanging sun makes lots of little rainbows on our wall and ceiling and it is enjoyable for all of us to watch the little rainbows dance around the room. On this sunny day we found a little bit more of a reason to enjoy the sun. I have found that simple things like a sun catcher in a window can create small moments of appreciation, awareness, and awe for all of us.


sippy cup mom said...

I love this...a wedding ring works really well to distract the kids in the car too on a sunny day. All I say is find the rainbow. Your blog is lovely, thanks- Karen

Sippy Cup Mom

Erin said...

Such simple, beautiful entertainment. :)



Gypsy said...

Oh I LOVE that wooden sun prism! Our skylights create rainbows like that on the wall, and our baby loves trying to catch them!

Joyful Learner said...

So beautiful....I ordered a prism today. Thanks for sharing!