Monday, March 8

Necklace Making

Stringing beads is a wonderful activity for children. The actions involved strengthen the finger and hand muscles, improve dexterity, increase concentration and improve hand-eye coordination. We have made necklaces on occasion and my daughters really enjoy the activity. Recently, I gathered some necklace making materials to put into containers so that they could make the necklaces whenever they want to. The materials are kept in a small cupboard in the same room as their art supplies.

Right now my oldest daughter uses small beads, buttons, and felt squares. Because she is using a large sewing needle the point isn't too sharp but is pointed enough to go through the felt squares.

These wooden colored beads are perfect for my youngest daughter. They work with a children's needle (found at craft stores) and don't slide off the thick yarn we use to string them on.

I found that cutting and wrapping the thread and yarn around some unused spools makes it more manageable for little hands. I also explained to my daughters that we can make and wear the necklaces and when we are done using them (probably at the end of the day) we would take them apart, and put back the pieces so we can make them again next time. Because my youngest daughter wants to do what her older sister does, usually they both make necklaces side-by-side. It has become a quiet time that allows them to work independently but also enjoy one another's company.



so cute!

Amy said...

Thanks =) I tried to comment on your blog because I loved your bees wax impressions idea. However, my comment just disappears somewhere!

Joyful Learner said...

I love the wooden colored beads. I have the child's needle and been waiting to use them!