Tuesday, January 26

Play Silk Activities

We have a number of play silks of different sizes but I thought a really big one would be fun for my daughters to use. Since learning how easy it is to dye them myself, and save money, I have been buying from Dharma Trading Co. (link on side of blog). This one is the Silk Sarong Habotai (10 mm 43.5 x 72). I like the 8mm or 10 mm because they don't rip easily compared to thinner silks.

There are different ways to dye the silks. The method I use is hot water in a bowl, 1/4 cup white vinegar per quart of water (I used 4 quarts for this one) Add in kool-aid or in this case Crystal Light Classic Orange Flavor and mix well. I usually pour in 3 or 4 single serving packets for light colors and less for darker powders. Stir the silk around in the mixture until the desired color is reached. Rinse the silk until it stops bleeding color. (The darker the color the longer you will need to rinse)

We have been doing circle time (finger plays, movement, songs) before going outside or in place of going outside if the weather is bad. I have discovered, the best way to use our new play silk, is like a parachute for circle activities. My daughters love it and it really gets some energy out. Here are some ways we used it:

Row, row, row your boat: Sitting, everyone holds a corner and we gently rock back and forth while singing.

Ring Around the Rosie: Holding corner walking in a circle

Pop Goes the Weasel: Holding onto a side we walk in a circle, when we sing "pop" we lift it up into the air.

There Was a Man: Walk in a circle while holding onto a side. And sing or say:

There was a man in our town

Who went for a walk one day

But the wind blew so hard

He turned around and walked the other way.

(Substitute hop, skip...)

When the Parachute Goes Up (Sing to the tune of If Your Happy and You Know it)

When the parachute goes up stomp your feet
When the parachute goes up stomp your feet

When the parachute is high and floats up to the sky
When the parachute is goes up stomp your feet.

(Replace stomp with shout hurray, lift your knees, jump up high...)

I would love to find more activities and songs, so if I do I will add it as a download under printables and resources. I have also been updating the poems and finger plays as I find them (I just can't stop looking for more!) So check there too every once and awhile.


Fiona said...

ooh that's great idea! I'm going to get some play silks.

Montessori Moments said...

What a wonderful idea!
I could not see the link in your sidebar though.
Have a lovely day! Thanks for inspiring!

hikingmama said...

I love the playsilk ideas! We will try them tomorrow during circle time. Balls and stuffed animals are also fun to bounce on top of a parachute (playsilk). Our circle time is also has a lot of movement. My son and I really enjoy this time together.

Amy said...

I adjusted the link and it is under Toys and Creative Play, thanks

Ange said...

thanks! great ideas for sure

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

We have one where we pop pong pong balls on the parachute and practice small gentle shakes, then strong big shakes. Lots of fun.

The other song we sing is "Jack in the Box'

Raven said...

Nice ideas! We have lots of play scarves and now I have some new ways to use them! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

i don't think i have commented before but i have been reading your blog for several months now. i love how to explain things so simply and share details. this post is the perfect example of what i love! thank you :)

lyndsay said...

Wonderful post. Will be sharing it in a playsilk roundup!