Sunday, February 17

Contact Paper Snowflakes (and indoor play photos)

Did you know that clear contact paper looks frosted on a window?  I didn't until I read it on a home decorating blog.  I had some clear contact paper left over from a long time ago and used it to cut some snowflakes to stick on our playroom door.

Cutting the folded contact paper was too difficult for my children to do, but they do enjoy seeing them on the glass.

One afternoon my daughters spent a long time building with legos and blocks. They were so happily engaged.  My daughters love the Friends Legos and for Christmas got a few sets.   Legos are one of the few plastic toys I don't mind in the house.

They still use the duplo legos as well.  They are great for starting lego play because the pieces are so big and easier to put together and take apart.

                                                           Good Old Block Building "Roads"

                                                              Bridges, roads and houses.


Therese said...

What the world is that gorgeous ramp thingy? Did they make it from blocks? It looks like something that has a grown up use!

jk said...

Lovely! We have made plenty of snowflakes out of paper and taped them to the windows but I like the idea of contact paper :)

Amy said...

The ramps come from Community Playthings company. They are called"Hollow Blocks" and they come in preschool or toddler (smaller) size. I have seen that some people make their own hollow blocks too. They are giant and heavy and make for some big fun.

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