Saturday, November 17

Painting Acorn Caps

On our walks and while outside we've been collecting pinecones and acorns.  Like the squirrels, we're storing them for winter (crafts and play later when there is nothing but snow on the ground).  I keep both the acorns and pinecones in a sealed bag for a week or so just to make sure nothing hatches or crawls out of them before we use them.

I pinned this idea found here about making fairy dishes from seed pods and knew my girls would love it.  This is the second time we've painted acorn caps, they do love it.

We broke off any little stems from the caps to help them sit flat and in some cases we sanded the bottoms.  Using craft paint, they painted and decorated the caps.

They love these cheery little dishes and use them with the doll house and their little play figures.  I love that each one is unique.


My Child's Diary said...

Dear Amy!
I've missed reading your posts so much!!!!
Glad to see that everything is good with you and your family in your new home and surroundings.
How do you make sure that the acorns are free from unwanted guests? This is a huge problem here. Do you put anything in the bag?

Amy said...

Hi Miri!
I don't put anything in the bag but use a plastic zip lock type bag/air tight and store for at least a week. We were getting little larva insects hatching but they hatch and die in the bag because they don't get air. Gross! Glad to hear from you! Amy

My Child's Diary said...

Will try that! Thanks for the tip...

jyothi said...

Thanks for good tips