Monday, April 2

Spring Candles: Decorating Candles With Beeswax

Spring candles for the dinner table and the nature table were easy to make using some modeling beeswax.

On a sunny day we set the beeswax in a sunny windowsill to warm and become more pliable, but on this day we used the warmth of our hands to ready it. My daughters chose colors, made shapes and pushed them onto a small candle until they stuck.

They look very spring like. They attempted leaves and flowers for the sides of the candles.

And now we have some to light at dinner and some to decorate the April nature table.


jk said...

Love your much inspiration here! Where is you source for colored bees wax? Great project that would be good for strengthening the fingers. I am starting a camp locally this summer with a couple of friends and I am thinking that this might be a good project to do with the kids. I also really like the idea of tracing on a sunny window. Vertical surfaces are also so good for little kids developing their fine motor skills!

Amy said...

Oh, thanks for the comments! The beeswax is Stockmar Modeling Beeswax, easily found on Amazon or natural toy shops. When it comes of the package it is stiff, but once warmed in the hands after a minute or two (or set in the sun) it warms and becomes pliable.

Kim said...

So beautiful :)