Wednesday, January 18

Typical Wednesday

After a somewhat atypical Tuesday, it was nice to get back into the rhythm of a typical Wednesday. Since the holidays, we've been slowly getting back into the routine. Baking day and cleaning day seem to always occur, no matter what, but we've been hit or miss with our drawing days, painting days, and craft days. To get started and back into the swing of things, I planned out the rest of the month including crafts, songs, finger plays, Montessori lessons and stories. I've found a little bit of planning goes a long way.

The unplanned parts of our day are left up to my daughters. Today, while my oldest daughter went to morning kindergarten, my youngest daughter played with the moon sand. After trying, and failing, at some of the internet recipes for moon sand, I ended up using some of their Christmas gift money to buy Moon Sand. In the past we've had an indoor (small) box full of sand for winter play but this winter we are just using the Moon Sand. Despite the expense, I don't think we'll go back to regular sand (inside) anymore. I find the Moon Sand far less messy, has a better texture and easier to shape than sand box sand.

My youngest daughter is getting so much better at independent play. At the start of the school year, she hardly knew what to do with herself while her sister was away at school. Now, she initiates activities and is able to play for a lengthy bit of time without even noticing my presence. Since reading How to Raise Your Spirited Child, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, I am now aware that she is an extrovert and so this change for her was not easy. I've learned that I need to schedule outings, play dates and in general be aware that she energized by being around other people and fades when that need is not met. (A totally foreign concept for an introvert like myself).

The craft we made today was found on pinterest. We cut our construction paper into heart shapes and then used baby oil and cotton swabs to create designs. (I do want to add- make sure you aren't giving baby oil to a child that may ingest it. It is unsafe for consumption.)

Both of my daughters really enjoyed this simple project. I loved the fact that I had everything on hand to make it.

The baby oil illuminates the designs when placed in the light. My youngest daughter taped the hearts to the front window. A little early for Valentine's day, but that's okay!


Ange said...

Love it all. It does help to hear that you plan. It does make a big difference, and sometimes I just need the reminder that it really does need to be done.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your wooden blocks? They look like so much fun.

Mel said...

I always like looking at your great ideas. Your daughters are so creative with their blocks.

Amy said...

There are a few sets of blocks there- I really value block play and so we have many different sets. One set is the "barkless tree blocks", the traditional unit blocks are Melissa and Doug, there are 4 large cylinder blocks from Community Playthings (same shape set), and rainbow blocks and mirror blocks from