Monday, December 12

Book Recommendation: Raising Your Spirited Child

I'm not really a book reader. I never have been. Even though my second major and other degree is in English Literature, you would probably never know it based on the fact that it takes me forever to finish a book and they are few and far between now days. Most recently, however, I have been reading one book, Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

Initially, I wanted to read this book because there have been many times when I have wondered if my daughter was a true "spirited" child. What is a spirited child? Well, according to the book it is a child whom is more intense, sensitive, preceptive, persistent and energetic.

In this short review and recommendation for the book, I will just say that I learned so much more than just the answer to my initial question. In the book the author writes about the importance of knowing our own temperament and our children's own temperament. Are we introverts or extroverts? While reading through the beginning chapters, I learned I am an introvert, which I did know, but what I didn't realize was that as an introvert, I recharge and energize myself through alone time, personal time, and space. (This explains my need for a solo run or walk on a daily basis.) I also came to the conclusion that my husband is an extrovert and what he needs to recharge and energize is very different than me- people, talking, and a lot of feedback. I found knowing this information has really helped me appreciate and support the different needs of my family members. The author goes into a lot of detail about the two temperaments and things we can do as parents to help our introvert or extrovert child be successful.

For anyone working with children, this book would be a worthwhile read. The information and experiences the author writes about sheds new light on behaviors we as parents, teachers or caregivers often find confusing or frustrating.

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Jen said...

I agree with you in every way about this book. I too am an introvert and learned about myseef and about my husband is an extrovert. I learned about how he ticks...and why we can clash and misunderstand each other. I bought this book when my kiddo was a baby as it was obvious that he was spririted! Now that he's 27 mos I've been meaning to give it another read to refresh myself. Thank you for the reminder! I really enjoyed the idea of using positive language to "label" behavior and try really hard to do that! One of my majors was English as well by the way. :)