Wednesday, July 27

A Simple Children's Clothespin Bag

Our inside clothesline (used for both play and work) needed a clothespin bag. I wanted something simple, functional and attractive. In the past we've used a basket on the floor or attached the unused clothespins onto the lines. I came up with a simple solution using an extra doll dress and a few stitches from the sewing machine.

First, I removed the snaps from the back of the dress. I then stitched the neck closed at the very top, left a large opening for a child's hand to fit into the middle of the dress, and stitched from the middle to the end closed. Lastly, I sewed the bottom of the dress together to create the "bag."

The clothespins stay inside the bag and are easily accessible through the opening in the back of the doll dress.

We've hung the clothespin bag using a doll hanger.

However, it looks equally as cute hanging by clothespins too!


Mel said...

That is adorable!

Julie said...

What a sweet idea!