Monday, May 23

Painting Day :: Objects, Hands and Finger Painting

My daughters asked to have finger painting today instead of the usual watercolors. I thought it was a great idea, especially because it came from them. The sensory experience of finger painting is almost irresistible to their little hands. They smear the paint, pat the paper, rub and dip their fingers in paint and then all over the paper. It definitely utilizes more arm, hand and finger movement than painting with a paint brush!

We also added some objects to the process, the ones in the photo were the most successful. I put their paint in the metal egg trays that I once found in the thrift store and they used lids, bolts, nuts, suction cups, yarn and wooden golf tees.

Adding the objects was a big hit. The large nuts and bolts made large circle prints and are big enough to handle in the slippery paint.

There was a lot of experimenting, paint play and fun.

And some colorful pictures at the end.


teresa said...

great idea

Carrie said...

this is a really great idea. I love the use of objects you can find around the house and garage!