Sunday, May 15

Craft: Another Fairy House

My daughters have really enjoyed the previous fairy house we made which sits outside in a flower bed. They often bring flowers to decorate it, add moss around the base of it and fill a small bottle cap with water "for the fairy" which they leave on the doorstep. We decided making one more would be a nice addition.

We used an unfinished birdhouse and then gathered fallen bark, sticks and pinecones while on a walk.

Scissors cut pieces of bark.

They attatched pieces like a puzzle while I used the glue gun.

Small rocks were dropped inside to weigh the house down. It's in the flower bed and ready for someone to move in!


Debi said...

What a simple idea! I would love creating one of these for the birds, too!

Olives and Pickles said...

Lovely bird house!!I bit it was such a fun project to make.

Rachel said...

what a neat idea!!! we are definitely going to try this. I'm loving your blog so far, thanks for all the cool ideas :) We just had almost two hours of playtime outside using just water and her wheelbarrow and various cups and containers. She had a blast, thanks for giving me more creative ideas for play!! keep up the great work :)

m@rta said...

very nice house :))) I started doing elements of my fairy house this summer, U can see my ideas on:

greetings from Poland :)