Wednesday, April 27

Wool Roving Butterflies

We have a seasonal mobile in our playroom. It changes with the seasons and we add to it using crafts that we make. In addition to some birds we've had hanging, we just added wool roving butterflies we made on craft day.

The roving butterflies are colorful, happy, and very spring-like. They were also fun and easy to make using just a few supplies.

The butterflies are made from colored wool roving, colored beads, and pipe cleaners.

We started by cutting the pipe cleaner in half. Then each of my daughters chose 6 beads.

Next, they picked what color roving they wanted and folded it. Each end was folded into the middle, with the ends overlapping.

The pipe cleaner was bent in half and the roving placed in between. Lastly, we twisted the pipe cleaner a few times and trimmed the ends of the pipe cleaner if it was too long.

The butterflies look good both hanging and attached to the branch mobile.

I used a needle and thread, threading under the pipe cleaner, so the butterflies could hang.

My daughter also asked to attach one to a dowel to use for play and puppet play.


Anonymous said...

Qué gran idea!

melissa joanne said...

Beautiful! I love this idea, and am filing it away for later use :)