Thursday, April 14

Paper Mache Bird Nest

In a recent issue of Country Living magazine they had a page on making paper mache bird nests from shredded newspaper and paper bags. I knew it would be a great craft for us as we are seeing so many busy birds out in the yard now that spring is here.

We followed the directions found in the magazine with the exception of shredding the paper because we don't have a paper shredder. Instead, I just cut strips from one shopping sized paper bag. The glue mixture was just glue and water. I decided to have us make one larger sized nest and have my daughters work on it together. It worked out great and they had fun with the paper mache process.

The nest is now at the playstand and has really sparked some fowl play around here!

We've put our wet felted eggs and chicks into the nest and the stuffed Audubon birds fly around and keep the chicks warm, protected and well fed.

It is also pretty interesting to see what else makes it way into the nest too.


Renelle said...

Oh Amy, Once again a brilliant craft, you are inspiring. I love to visit. Blessings, Renelle

Amy said...

You're so kind! Thanks!

Nina Marsh said...

This is a great idea when it gets a bit warmer we will defiantly try build something like this, though i do not think it will look as good as this. Nice work Amy :)