Wednesday, February 23

Craft :: Embroidery Hoop and Tissue Paper Suncatchers

We have a few embroidery hoops around the house. Mostly they are used for sewing but this time we had some fun using them for a craft project. These tissue paper suncatchers are easy to make and look so colorful sitting in the windows on a sunny day.

We started by glueing smaller shapes of tissue paper onto a larger piece of tissue paper. Some pieces were torn and others cut with scissors.

When the glue work was finished, we fitted the tissue paper onto the hoop and tightened the screw. The edge was then trimmed.

We found a sunny window and set them up. They really brighten up the window and provide a nice distraction from all that white outside!

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TwosTimesTwelve said...

These are so cute, what a great idea! I have made similar things with the kids before but I've never thought about putting them into hoops, these would make a great gift for parents/grandparents. I will have to keep this in mind with mothers day coming up :) thanks for sharing.