Tuesday, January 11


Our set of Ruth Elsasser fairy tale postcards (purchased from Nova Natural) has been sitting unused for awhile. While wondering how to better use them, I came up with the idea to put out one each month to use for storytelling. I found and adapted a version of Snow-White and Rose-Red for me to read and my oldest daughter to hear this month. The postcard initially drew her interest and after hearing the story she often looks at the postcard and talks about the story. For future fairy tales that we won't have postcards of, I can use our small lap chalkboard to draw a simple illustration.

I had forgotten how much I loved this story as a child. It brought back memories of my time listening over and over to this fairy tale read aloud on cassette tape and following along with the paperback book. I can still hear the voices and remember the pictures on the pages.

After hearing the story we then had journal drawing. My hope is that the story we read before journal drawing will help inspire the drawings in some way and ignite a bit more interest in journal day (after all, it is hard to compete with baking day!). After my daughter finished drawing she showed me her picture of Rose-Red and Snow-White, the prince and the dwarf (he is in the middle with the long red beard). On the side of the blog, I've added a download for the adapted fairy tales and stories we use/used. Snow-white and Rose-red is there now and hopefully this will grow to be a useful resource for those looking for fairy tales and stories to read aloud.


Ange said...

Hey Amy, I am trying to download the stories and fairy tales and for some reason the link won't work for me. All the rest work. It says I need access, or need to login. The others don't require that. I would love to download it, but hate to bother you. If you do get a moment to fix it that would be great. Thank you so much for providing such fantastic gems for me and my kids :)

Ange said...

Okay and one more question. You wrote that you do things on Friday with beeswax. I'm so curious what that it is you do with it. And do you find it at a local craft store?

or senditsoaring.blogspot.com

Amy said...

Ange, thanks for letting me know I always link incorrectly the first time for some reason! I believe it is all set now.