Monday, January 24

Bird Play

In the winter we really appreciate birds. For the most part animal life outside is sparse. We may see tracks but don't get to see much other than that. We appreciate the birds that brave the cold and long winter to stay here. We enjoy filling up the bird feeder and watching them gather and eat, and it feels good to help another living thing in this small way.

Bird seed is a fun sensory experience we've put in the sensory tub (which is usually sand or water for winter play).

Most of the same objects and utensils work just as well with the bird seed as they do the water or sand. The funnel, of course, is always a favorite.

And there is bird play at the play stand too. We have quite a few of the Audubon Birds. My daughters enjoy listening to their bird calls when squeezed and they've helped us learn many of the calls we hear outside. In addition to the birds, the play stand has white fabric, a round basket (as a nest) wooden eggs, a few tree branch blocks and pinecones and acorns for "food."


Teresa said...

Love this idea. Thanks.

melissa joanne said...

I love the doily snowflakes! It's all just lovely!

The girl who painted trees said...

beautiful playscape