Friday, November 5

Our Own Pumpkin Jack Or An Observation of Pumpkin Decay

Pumpkin Jack is one of our fall books. It is a great story of a young boy who carves a Jack O Lantern that he doesn't want to part with. With no better place for a pumpkin to end up after Halloween, he decides to put it in the garden.

We too have decided there is no better place for a pumpkin! My daughters have grown quite attached to their own Jack O Lanterns.

In the story the boy periodically visits Pumpkin Jack and notices the changes. We wonder what will our Jack O Lanterns look like. Will ours look like Pumpkin Jack? When we are out playing and come across our Jack O Lanterns in the field will there be evidence of animals visiting? Will they be food for insects? What will the inside look like when we take off the lid?

We will have to wait and see what will happen during the winter. And in the spring, will a little of our Jack O Lanterns remain? We can only hope for an ending like the book: A new pumpkin sprouting from a left over seed. Wouldn't that be magical!?


Anonymous said...

Love it! I am going to the Library tomorrow and seeing if they have this book.

Karin Katherine said...

What a FANTASTIC tie in to a great book. I wish I had read this post before we threw our pumpkins out!

Awe, maybe next year!

Jaimie said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing--I just looked up the book and discovered our library has it, and we haven't composted our pumpkins yet. Woohoo!