Wednesday, September 1

Our September Finger Plays

I will be posting the finger plays we use at our circle at the beginning of each month. (They all can be found on the download at the side of the blog, too). This month, we are very much into apples, as we prepare for apple picking and a small apple festival at home. To reflect this, I have chosen the following apple finger plays which we will use/practice all this month.

Five Little Apples
(I either use store bought, orchard picked, or the tiny crab apples my daughters find around our property for this one.) I have changed the words a bit to use my daughters' names so they can take turns taking an apple away.

We start by counting out 5 apples and laying them on the floor.

Five little apples lying on the floor. ______ takes one and that leaves four.

Four little apples, hanging on the a tree. ______ picks one off and that leaves three.

Three little apples, I know what to do! _______ puts one in her pocket and that leaves two.

Two little apples sitting in the sun. ________ picks one up and that leaves one.

One little apple waiting all alone. ________ will pick it up and take it home.

Apple Tree

This is the tree
With leaves so green

Here are the apples
That hang in-between
When the wind blows (sway side to side)
The apples will fall (hands fall to floor)

Here is the basket to gather them all.


Kylie said...

Thanks for sharing these each month. :)

Deborah said...

I love apple fingerplays! Here is one that I like to use...

Take an apple..
Chop it up...
and put it in a pot!
Stir the apple...
round and round...
It's apple sauce you got!

Amy said...

Thanks, Deborah. I imagine we'll be saying that one a lot during our applesauce making!

Sunbeams and Sanity said...

Hi Amy

I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous (and organised) to supply the wonderful poems and finger plays. I am always looking for new rhymes and finger plays for the toddler art group (non-profit) i run and you have provided some wonderful ones I have never heard of. I know the toddlers and parents will love them. Thank you. (: