Tuesday, May 18

Blocks and Cars

We've been spending so much time outside that other than crafts there hasn't been much to post. I have been working on the outside play area of our yard which includes the new sandbox, stumps, a swing and more so hopefully I will post on that soon. In the meantime, I thought I would share these inside toys we are really enjoying: some new wooden cars and vans from Community Playthings.

The company has a great video on the importance of block play (found at the side of this blog) and watch out because you'll want to have an entire room of blocks after you watch it. I had been looking for some sturdy, sizable wooden vehicles because we were using mostly match box cars.

I love that these cars are so big and the people are removable.

Community Playthings also sells Hollow Blocks that we've purchased over a period of time (due to the cost). Unlike other companies that only sell a set, C.P. allows you to buy the blocks piece by piece in a more affordable way.

We have so many sets of blocks: natural, colored, tree blocks, large blocks and small blocks, but they are all used and loved. I don't think my daughters have ever seen a set they didn't like, we just really love blocks. I initially encouraged lots of block play in hopes that it might support their math skills later in life (since I am just terrible with math). Blocks are said to encourage spacial awareness, awareness of geometry, as well as skills in the discrimination of size and weight. After seeing my girls use them so much I have really come to value them as the ultimate open ended toy encouraging endless creativity.


Kylie said...

Those cars are fabulous. Must check them out to see if they ship downunder. Thanks for sharing. :0)

My Boys' Teacher said...

We have the introductory set of unit blocks and LOVE LOVE LOVE Them. I loved the cars too, but the boys seem okay with using their hot wheels on them for now. I really wanted the 149 piece preschool set, but as you mentioned, couldn't afford it all at once.

A friend of mine has the semi-trucks and such a child can actually use as ride-ons and they are VERY cool.

I have the block play video and STILL haven't found time to watch it...I guess I hear you saying it's worth the time :)

kristin said...

yes! we have a classroom full of community playthings stuff...it is AMAZING. all of their stuff.