Thursday, February 11

Storytelling: The Gingerbread Man

This month we are using The Gingerbread Man as our story for storytelling. I introduced it by reading it (words no pictures) to my oldest daughter (almost 4 1/2) during a quiet time. I forgot how much I liked the story and I am excited about the activities we can do with this during the month. The version I am using comes from Waldorf educator Donna Simmons in her manual Kindergarten With Your 3-6 Year Old. I found a similar version here.

After a few readings, I set up a reenacting area. Somehow I had everything we needed for the scene, including the little gingerbread man (that I think is supposed to be a pencil topper) Of course my daughter wanted to be the gingerbread man "Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

This meant I got to be the tricky fox (funny how it fits right on top of the fox's head). Later, my younger daughter (2 yrs) was playing with it and I told her the story using the props. She loved it! Other activities we will do include acting it out (play-like), playing a game of Gingerbread Man outside (tag-like), using the felt gingerbread man in the play kitchen and of course baking some gingerbread people.


Jennifer Williams said...

I love this.... my children are into the three little pigs at the moment, but your post has inspired me to help them re-tell with props..... i have linked to this on my blog, would it be Ok if I used your pic of the gingerbread man made from felt pleae? My blog is at if you want to check out my contect before you decide!! Thanks, Jen

spunkyduckling @ cute pencil toppers said...

Now who could ever forget the ginger bread, run, as fast as you can..I'm the gingerbread man. Yeah! Thanks for bringing back fun i can't get this out of my head.

Amy said...

Jennifer, sure you can use the picture thanks for asking.

Dawn said...

This is so cute! My children love this story. Using props like these to tell it makes it even more fun