Monday, January 4

New Activities

I put out some new activities for both of my daughters (4.4 & 2.2 yrs)

For my oldest daughter, I added cutting snowflakes in addition to the cutting papers we always have out. I fold the paper and draw some triangles to indicate where to cut (at least until she gets more practice). I leave them in a basket with her other cutting work.

She enjoys it and usually colors them after and hangs them up.

Using the Mystery Bag, I have a pair of identical shells- one pair in the bag, one pair on the tray. We choose a shell and reach in to find the match.

Scooping is fun for my youngest daughter. It is more difficult than spooning and she enjoys the challenge.

My youngest is also enjoying this bead lacing (made by Ryan's Room toys). She can't take them off but can put them on. Equally as much, she enjoys dragging it around the room when she is finished.


Gaby said...

I nominated you for a blog award:

Jul said...

I'm wondering where you got the needle?

Amy said...

Thank You Gaby!! Jul- the activity comes with one on the string however somehow ours eventually broke after my eldest and so I put a small hole, using a drill, into a thin dowel and it is working for now.