Tuesday, October 20

Halloween Games

I have been working on putting together Halloween games for our church Halloween party. I thought I would post these for anyone having a party or just looking for some fun activities for Halloween day.

I call this the Trick or Treat Box. I have filled the inside of the box with poly-fil (white stuffing used for pillows or stuffed animals). I also added some "Treats" candy and chocolate, and some "Tricks" some fake insects, bat and snake, and rocks. The child reaches into the box and may pull out a trick or it may be a treat! Of course, each child will get to keep trying until they get a treat. To make this, I used a cardboard box and cut a hole in the top. I then covered it with an old crib sheet and stapled it on along the bottom. I cut a very small hole in the top of the sheet and ripped it into a slit big enough for the child's hand to fit.

Ghost Fishing. I painted a wooden cut out bat shape and drilled a hole in it to hang the magnet from.

The ghosts are made of felt with some stuffing for a head. A small magnet is hidden under the felt at the top of the head.

Pumpkin bowling. This idea comes from the Crafty Crow (link at side of blog). It is easy to make just using soda bottles and decorating with construction paper. I cut off the stem of the pumpkin so it won't get in the way. We will have two bowling lanes, one for older children and one for younger children.

Bean bag toss.

A few more activities will be a Mummy Wrap: Teams wrapping a person with toilet paper. The first team to use the whole roll wins. Also a Guess the Size of the Pumpkin: each person cuts a length of string they think will fit around the pumpkin exactly.


bovinekitti said...

Great ideas! Since I don't have my children go trick-or-treating, this is a fantastic way to have fun at home. They have parties at school and there are group opportunities at the mall and local arenas for the kids to collect treats safely, but by far, a home party with family and friends is the most memorable.
I've shared your ideas and blog with others that loved the ideas too :)

Anonymous said...

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