Monday, October 5

A Color Wheel

We have been working on mixing colors since learning primary and secondary colors many months ago. (These post are found under the Art label.) I wanted a way for my daughter to keep using this skill in a practical way. We recently created our own color wheel to hang at the easel as a resource for mixing colors.

I introduced the idea of a color wheel using the color tablets. I asked my daughter to find the primary colors and then find the darkest of each. I arranged them.

She usually remembers what color pairs make the secondary colors and I asked her what mixing red and blue would make. She then found the darkest purple and added it.

We continued until we made a color wheel.

The next day, we painted a color wheel. First, my daughter painted the primary colors on the paper. Next, she mixed the colors and then painted them in.

I posted the color wheel at the easel as a reference for mixing colors. We now have only the primary colors at the easel and she mixes them if she wants secondary colors.


Leptir said...

Very interesting and fun activity!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a great activity - we've done a lot of color mixing, but I've never thought to have my son paint a color wheel like this. Thanks!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Oh how I do love a color wheel and what a wonderful gift of a lifetime you've given your child by teaching her how to mix her own colors.
-pink and green mama MaryLea