Wednesday, September 9

More Toddler Activities

A Velcro dressing frame. Montessori dressing frames can be purchased pretty cheap but I decided to make one since I had a wooden frame available already. I used leftover flannel (from a previously made flannel board), which is nice and soft to use. The rest was made with the sewing machine and staple gun.

First folding cloths. My daughter has used it a few times. It was one of those activities she repeated a number of times before putting back on the shelf. It is a challenge and she has a lot of interest in it.

Color box 1. I haven't introduced it yet because she hasn't shown interest but it is on the shelf.

I Spy Bottle. My daughter likes the weight of the sand as compared with rice. The cap is taped on and I put in about six objects. She rolls it back and forth on the rug. This could be a help in preparing her to roll a rug soon.

Pouring beans. Because I give direct supervision when we are in the Montessori room I have provided beans. They are easy to pick up if spilled.


Jessica said...

I really like your I Spy bottle. That's a really neat idea that I haven't seen before.

Thanks for sharing!

Ange said...

Seriously you are amazing! Can I be like you when I grow up. Please don't ever stop posting. My friend (a gal in my ward) and I talk about how great your blog is and it's so funny because we don't even know you. You do so great with this.

So I have a request, feel free to turn it down of course, but would you be willing to take pictures of your montessori room for me/viewers of your blog to get an idea of how you use space and organize an at home montessori room? Maybe you've already done a post like this?? If not, I'd LOVE IT!!!

Nina said...

Love your ideas. Thanks

Gypsy said...

I get so much inspiration here ... and I second Ange's request - I would LOVE to see more of how you organize your home Montessori style!

Anonymous said...

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