Saturday, August 29

Traditional Montessori: Mystery Bag

The Mystery Bag activity is a fun, traditional Montessori work for ages 3-6, encouraging visual and tactile discrimination as well as encouraging intellectual curiosity. I put this one together using objects found from around our house.

There are a few different ways to use the Mystery bag. The way I use it is to have objects, 10 in this case but up to 20 can be used, to feel and match with cards. We take all of the objects out of the bag and name them. Then they are placed back in the bag.

The cards (I took a photo of each object and printed it with our printer) are laid out on the rug.
The child reaches into the bag and feels an object and says "I have the _____."

The object is then placed on the card. If an incorrect one is found it is named and placed on it's matching card. I have also seen this done without cards, to be more of a memory game and another way is to collect objects and one at a time find all the smooth, rough, bumpy (etc.) ones. Although the mystery bag is found in the 3-6 age class, I will introduce it to my youngest daughter who is able to match pictures and objects.


jojoebi said...

that is a great way to use it, I will have to try it, the mystery bag is a big Fav. of ours, in fact we have a travel mystery bag that we take away with us and fill it with things that we have found.

Nicole said...

The Mystery Bag is a big fave here as well. I hadn't thought to use matching cards either - thanks for the idea!

Cristina said...

I really hope a publisher finds you and you get your blog published. Awesome, awesome, awesome blog! Thanks for sharing with other mommies!

Anonymous said...

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Montessori Fabric Box said...

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