Sunday, August 16

Cardboard Lacing Tubes

These sewing tubes are made from a paper towel roll, cut and covered with colored paper. A regular hole punch was used to make the holes. They will provide a little more practice for using and controlling a children's needle before I introduce Sewing a Button.

We use a children's sewing needle and yarn. I cut and wrapped the yarn around clothespins to keep it from getting tangled in the basket. The yarn is unwound and the needle is threaded.

The needle goes through one hole and a "tail" is left out for tying at the end.

After all the holes have been used the leftover string is tied and can be trimmed.


My Child's Diary said...

What a creative version of the sewing activity! Thank you for sharing! What do you do with the tube when the work is done?
Also, I've been meaning to ask you for a while - where, if at all, may I view the previous versions of your beautiful nature table? Thank you, Miri

Amber said...

What a great idea :) I think we might try some - your activities are always so inviting & beautifully presented. Thanks for sharing.

p.s. I'm really reaping the benefits of thinking about the concept of counterwill - it's amazing how just being conscious of something can change the whole energy of a household!

Gypsy said...

I love your blog, and I love your ideas. Definately going to try these! Do you have a whole bunch that does single holes - or did you unravel the paper roll first?

Patty said...

I love this activity-thank you for sharing it. Amazing how a little color makes the humble toilet paper tube so much more interesting!

Amy said...

Miri- I don't have past nature table pics saved anywhere on the blog, but may put them on flicker soon. Gypsy-I used a single hole punch without unraveling the roll. =)

Heather Brandt said...

Where did you get the sewing needle?


heatherlbrandt (at)verizon (dot) net

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

I can't wait to try this one with my daughter! Very excited!

FuNkY MoMmY said...

Love it!!!

angel bug baby said...

This is an awesome idea! I'm definitely making some of these for my little one!!