Wednesday, July 29

Using a Balance Scale

I recently purchased this balance scale from Haba toys. I have been wanting one for awhile. I liked this scale because the dishes are removable and because they are metal. For now, it is used with solids, but I will introduce liquids later. I imagine someday it might be used to settle a "she has more" sibling food dispute.

After modeling how the balance works and experimenting with it for a bit, we started with this activity. One person filled one bowl as much or as little as desired. I had an assortment of solid objects to choose from.

The other person then filled the other bowl (one object at a time) until it was balanced.

Another activity we did was to each fill our own bowl...

and then see if we could feel which one was heavier, moving our arms like a balance.

We then tested them on the balance to see if we were correct.

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Jessica said...

I think the idea of using yourself to see which is heavier before the balance is a great idea!