Tuesday, June 9

Exploring With Magnets

Exploring With Magnets (age 3-6)

We have already used magnets in previous lessons to categorize objects as Magnetic and Nonmagnetic and used magnets to test objects from our room environment. Now, we are using this activity as a fun way to extend our use of magnets.

There are five magnetic objects. One at a time they are hidden in the barley (I used barley because I didn't have sand available).

After the objects are hidden, the magnet (clipped to a clothespin for easier grasping) is moved around until an object is found.

Once the object is found, it is placed on a sticker (to help the child know how many more are left to find). I introduced this as an individual activity but it is fun to play with someone else and take turns hiding the objects.


Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica) said...

I like this activity a lot! The whole subject of magnets is sort of boring to me--plus, my son is 4 and already he's quite familiar with the idea of magnets...but this sort of scavenger hunt idea makes magnetization more interesting. I could see doing it with more items (for him)!! Great idea!

AndieF said...

I like using the barley! My kids manage to make such a mess with sand. And I love the stickers to tell you how many are left!

Melissa said...

Love this! We'll definitely try this soon. Thanks!