Thursday, April 9

Geography: Globes and Native Birds

Sandpaper Globe (Demonstrates Land and Water)
Painted Globe (Demonstrates Ocean and Continent)

The daily interest in the geography materials continues. We made up this game recently. As we sing the continents' song, my daughter spins the painted globe. When the song ends she points to a continent on the painted globe and names it. She then finds that continent on the sandpaper globe.

Matching Birds to Their Native Continent: I have changed out the animals for these birds. We sing the continents song and because the map is so large my daughter enjoys hopping onto the continent as we sing it's name.

These birds came from a Big Lots a few years ago, before I even had any children. Surprisingly, they are realistic and accurate and the package included birds from almost every continent.

I looked up the birds on the internet for information and typed up a few sentences on each bird. We read the information and take a moment to study the bird. Then it is put on it's native continent.


Anonymous said...

What is the continents song?

mommyme said...

I just added a link to Youtube.

Erin said...

Wow, what a fun way to learn! I could even use a little refreshing myself with the help of a song. :)

Julie said...

This is so great! I would love to do this with my son!

I am just learning about the Montessori teaching style. Is it necessary to buy most of these items (trays and baskets included)? I have very limited space and am concerned about clutter. Our homeschooling will take place at our dining room table for now. I don't think we could do 100% Montessori but I would like to incorporate it. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

mommyme said...

Julie- Thanks for leaving your comment. In responding to your question, the trays/baskets are used to provide all the necessary items for the activity in one space. This prevents the child from having to look for, or from forgetting an item or becoming frustrated. I buy all my baskets second hand so it doesn't cost much. In all, it allows the child to be set up for success, not to mention providing a sense of order. If I was in your position, I would find a spot for a small shelf where you could put out a few baskets/trays with activities. Allowing the child to choose their activities is an important part of Montessori ed. You could choose one from each subject or choose a couple from one subject. Practical life activities are easy to start with because they you may already have some supplies. I have made many of my own materials including maps, sandpaper letters, and picture/classification cards. You can look at Montessori materials from suppliers on-line for ideas. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


Where can I get the map? Is it a diy one? It looks like you painted the continentals on the blue cloth


Julie said...

Hi again, I am also looking for the map. I have searched school supply stores, online, etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

mommyme said...

The map is DIY. I used a canvas fabric and fabric paint. It has held up well and is very versatile.