Tuesday, January 27

Sink and Float With a Boat- an extension lesson

Now that we have had our fun with the basic sink and float lesson, we are having some fun with this one.
If I had a little boat it would be even better! Anyway, the child lays out the towel on the table, and then fills the bowl with water. A "boat" is chosen (I have provided 3 little containers) and placed in the water. (Child will notice it floats). The child then adds one washer at a time (could use coins, pebbles, marbles..) to the boat until the boat sinks.

The boat and washers are removed and placed on the towel. The child may then test another boat, since the three containers are all different they sink with different amounts of washers. My child is not old enough, but an older child could make his/her own boat using tinfoil and trying different shapes/folds.


Penelope said...

You can also make boats out of playdoh.

Koko's mama said...

Sounds like fun!