Sunday, January 18

Discovering Pitch With Water

The purpose of the lesson is to develop an awareness of pitch and to develop auditory discrimination. The child pours water into the jars at the designated levels to create the different pitches and uses the mallet to create sound. Present the lesson only after the child is successful with the lesson: Pouring to a Line. This was my initial lesson with pitch, I did not discuss high/low at this point, however, that is how I presented it on the tray. I think after it is used a few times I will discuss pitch levels. This lesson could be developed even more with an older child using more glasses/jars and putting in order or experimenting with water levels and no line.


JonDavid and Karissa said...

hi, i find your blog very interesting! I was a pracitical life teacher in a montessori school for a short season and always wanted to have a home that provided those kind of lesson's for my children. My son is 19 months now. I am wondering at what age did you start and if you had any ideas of things that i could do now with my son. I was also wondering how acquire so many montessori elements. It is very expensive as i recall.

mommyme said...

Thanks for visiting Karissa. The Montessori materials are expensive. Practical life is probably the least though since many things used are materials you already have in the house- it is just teaching your child how to use them correctly. Examples like watering the plant, sweeping some crumbs, washing a window...the rest...I buy things slowly over time or when they are discounted. The most expensive but most important are the sensorial materials.